ʻAʻohe Mea

ʻAʻohe Mea means Nobody in ʻŌlele Hawaiʻi. Why?




Where do we go from here, as technology and software have eaten the world?

This is the way we get there, from here. From chaos to community.

Nobody cares? Then I must be the world's biggest Nobody.


Why a name that means Nobody?

Politically adapting to the Post-Automation Era is about moving beyond reification or polarization around people or personalities; it's about cultivating adaptive policies, given the nature and characteristics of the proximate causes and present conditions of the world we find ourselves in, today.

When making decisions about how and who to work with, who to vote for, it's time to stop worrying about WHO said what, and start focusing on the substance of WHAT is being said. Our writing is primarily interested in contributing to cultivation of local and global environments most conducive to maximum human flourishing in the Post-Automation Era, a term weʻve coined for the exponentially disruptive years of the early to mid twenty-first century.



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